Santa Barbara DJ - Jose Rabelo

Santa Barbara Wedding DJ - Jose Rabelo


Name: Jose Rabelo

Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico

Places I've lived: Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties

Interests: Family, Music, and personal growth.

Five words that describe me: Caring, uplifting, loving, dedicated and respectful 


Play or watch sports? A great game of ball played with my toddler,

Kindle or Book? Kindle (or any other electronic device), with technology making everything available in the palm of your hand an electronic device is the quickest way to a great read, however, the feeling of the paper pages and flipping of the book gives you the greatest experience.

RV or Tent? Tent, however, I am not an experienced camper as I would love, can you believe I have only camped once? I am looking forward to additional experiences as I would love to offer great memories for my toddler son as he is growing up.

Mountains or Beach? Growing up in Southern California, I have been lucky to experience and grow up with both within a couple-minute drive making it difficult to choose. Ultimately selecting Santa Barbara, and enjoying both the beautiful beach views and soul-filling mountains.


My favorite artists range widely, from the current top artists like Bruno Mars, Drake, to the greats like Prince, Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Micheal Jackson. I enjoy a great and wide variety of Genres to include but not limited to the following, as long as it has great rhythm and highly motivational:
70’s Greatest Hits
80’s Greatest Hits
90’s Greatest Hits


The best part of DJing a wedding is being part of the LOVE shared by every single loved one celebrating the Bride and Groom's love and commitment. From tearing up from the sweetest Vows, to the funny but loving Toasts and bringing everyone together on a dance floor, the entire day is filled with LOVE and happiness