Santa Barbara Event Lighting

We absolutely loved the lighting from our wedding! At several points during the evening I caught myself looking up at them thinking, “Wow, this is just like I imagined!" Your service and communication throughout this process have been superb and we can't thank you enough!

Santa Barbara event lighting Bacara

Our lighting designs consider not only aesthetics and design but the influence lighting has on guest behavior.  It's that attention to detail and big picture focus that consistently produces impactful event lighting schemes. 

Up Lights

Santa Barbara uplight sample Rotunda Bacara
Santa Barbara uplight sample Bacara Rotunda

String Lights

Hanging twinkle lights railing lights Godric Grove


spot lighting casino tables

Full Event Lights

string up twinkle lights santa barbara event lighting

Lighting Changes Everything


Compare the stage during the day and see how the whole event space is transformed because of the lighting! Let us show you how to transform your next celebration!