Spanish & Mariachi

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Santa Barbara Mariachi Band

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The authentic sound of a mariachi band fits perfectly with Santa Barbara themed events.  Our authentic mariachi bands include  guitars, violins, trumpets and vocals.  The energetic songs will create the perfect atmosphere for your next Spanish event. 

Strolling Spanish Trio

If a full mariachi band doesn't fit the vision for your event, how about a smaller strollling Spanish Trio.  It is a smaller, more subtle version that is a hit with many clients.  Take a look!

"Last night's trio was GREAT!!!!  They were so cute, kind and easy to work with.  Everyone loved them!"

Phoebe (Four Seasons Biltmore)

Spanish Trio

An alternative to mariachi or a strolling Spanish trio is a traditional trio.  Authentic and quality background music is the perfect accent to your Spanish Themed event.

Spanish Guitar

Our talented Spanish guitarists will transport your guests to another world with their incredible talent, style and flair.